Snow REmoval, DUmpster Rentals & Landscape Construction

What do we do?

EFFECTIVE 12/1/2021:  I have decided to close my business in regards to Snow Removal, Tractor work and dumpster services.

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Our services have shifted and evolved over time to keep up with market demand.  In short, we do landscape construction-type services.  Small drainage projects, material handling, moving, delivery services.   We have multiple pieces of heavy & light equipment to handle most tasks related to the landscape industry.   

Some examples of our equipment would be a Harley Rake, 40′ Material conveyor.  25 HP, 45 HP and 110HP Class tractors.  Rotating tree work grapples, Rototillers (hand and tractor mounted).  Pallet forks for handling palletized material or installing B&B Trees, etc

We are also one of the largest snow removal outfits in Ridgefield, CT.  We handle both residential and commercial properties.  We focus on a Route Density Principle, to keep our service times rapid.

We also provide Dumpster Rental services in Ridgefield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Bethel & Brookfield, CT.

Due to the crushing financial burdens imposed by the HRRA, we no longer provide dumpster rentals.



We provide both residential and Commercial snow removal services.  We also provide de-icing, salting for driveways, parking lots, sidewalks only in Ridgefield, CT.


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Dumpster rentals

We provide Dumpster services to Ridgefield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Bethel & Brookfield.   We offer two sizes, 8 & 14 Cubic Yards (1 Yard = 3’x3’x3′).  We rent to both homeowners & contractors.  Our standard rental is 3 days but do provide 7 day rentals for a small extra fee.  


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Tractor Services

We have 3 different size tractors to complete almost any task.  25, 45 & 110 HP Class tractors.  We have Rototillers, pallet forks, buckets, material conveyor & material screener, rotating tree grapples, etc.

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