Snow Removal Service Agreement for Winter 2020-2021  

Thank you for the opportunity to do your snow removal this season. We operate in only 3 distinct areas of Ridgefield, CT, by extending a price quote to you, you’re already inside of one of our core service areas. We utilize modern trucks, plows and sanders. We also run a dedicated large Agricultural size tractor on a regular route; it’s equipped with both a plow on the front and an 8′ snowblower on the back. We have the ability to handle any amount of snow we would likely receive. We have a regular crew who does the same route each storm. I am confident that you will be very satisfied with the services that we offer. We have been providing snow services to some of Ridgefield’s most discerning clients for more than a decade now.

About Us: We start getting ready for winter in the late summer and continue to prepare. maintain and update our equipment through the fall. We are on-call 24/7 during the winter months; we stockpile our own supply of Magic Salt for de-icing for timely service in the event of an unexpected snow or ice weather event. We have a dedicated snow- equipment at the ready, not to mention backup equipment in the event of a breakdown. We take the utmost pride in providing a timely and efficient response when mother nature throws her worst at us.

How we operate: We provide driveway markers to mark edges & hazards, we do this for all of our clients. We install them every fall and remove them every spring. This lets our drivers know where the edge of your driveway is, a walkway, or curbing, etc. For this service, we do charge a minimal fee of $1 per marker. This is a one-time, per season charge that covers our labor to install and remove them. While you will more than likely have the same driver for the entire winter, it is possible that we send another driver to finish or cover a route in the event of a breakdown or delay. This lets them know about any obstacles and the boundaries of your driveway. If you have your own stakes, you’re welcome to put them out, however we reserve the right to move them to locations we determine. Our residential customers pick their own trigger depth, we recommend 2″ for most clients. We offer a zero tolerance service that can include de-icing services. For clients who share access-ways with neighbors we recommend zero tolerance for the access-way. Driveways can have individual trigger depths. For this reason we typically break -out common charges (per client) for the access-way, and then also include a price for the clients driveway.

We begin our routes as soon as the storms wind down, in the event of a long duration or forecasted blizzard storm with larger snowfall expected we will plow with-the-storm. Each time we visit, we charge our per-push rate, this price quoted for snow removal is for zero to approximately 6” of snow. In the event of a quick-hitting, deep snowfall, or weather conditions that don’t allow safe operation, we may suspend our work and then complete it when it is safe to do so. For example, if we get 8-12” of snow in a few hours, it’s not practical or expedient to try to plow it twice. If we plow the 8-12” example storm only one time we modify our per-push rate to 1.5x your normal rate. If we get more than 12”, our blizzard clause goes in effect, and we reserve the right to charge 2-3x the standard rate. Historically, this is extremely rare. This accounts for the extra service time it takes to clear the additional snow over the “normal” service we would provide. Our routes are pre-planned and very specific; we run the same route, each storm with little exception. Typically only traffic or accidents that may block our normal route will force us to adapt.

Our service times are good as we operate on a route-density principal. We make no guarantee about plow-out times, but we understand most people have to get out of the house and get to work as quickly as possible no matter what time the storm ends. We’re one of the few operations in town that offer residential de- icing services. We utilize MagicSalt, which is a treated-salt product. It is very effective and does not contain any sand to be tracked into your home. If you’re interested in this additional service please let us know, and we’d be happy to extend it you. This price is per run for a regular snow storm. Heavy icing, ice storms or extreme low temperatures may result in a higher price for additional material.

Finally, we do all of our billing electronically. You must provide an email address for all written contact from us. Communication is faster and more efficient this way. I am available by text message for communication, but billing must be done via e-mail. We do all our billing via credit card payments. This has been our mandatory policy for the last 9 years for all new clients. We bill out each storm after service completion and you get an itemized receipt for services. This keeps accounting up-to-date and streamlines cash-flow which is very important to me as local, small business. We use a software that uses AmazonWebServices (very secure).   

Debt Collection:  A valid credit card must remain on file.  Any unpaid debts may be subject to a late fee and interest.  A lien may be filed upon the property if not paid with-in 45 days.  Any additional fee’s related to collecting a debt, including filing fees, court costs, notary public or legal fees of any type will be added onto the debt. The lien will not be released until paid in full.

We have a neighbor/referral credit program for new signups. Earn a $25 credit for each referred client. New clients only, credit available after 3 paid snowstorms/visits. This does not apply to neighbors who share access-ways or neighbors who sign up at the same time to begin with.

Upon your approval your Quote will require a $15 deposit to secure your spot on our routes & so that your payment information can be stored for the upcoming season.  This will be applied to the first invoice of the season, typically for staking the property.

Matt Bottali Managing Member Stateline Landscaping, LLC 203-948-4688 (cell/work) Mailing Address: 66 Starrs Plain Rd Danury, CT 06810