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We are consistently one of the top recommended Snow Removal Services in Ridgefield.  We provide timely snow plowing, snow blowing, sanding, salting and de-icing services for Homeowners and Commercial properties.

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We’re Serious about Snow REMOVAL

We start getting our snow equipment ready in September so we’re ready to go at a moments notice.  We’re on-call 24/7 during the winter months.  

We only work in Ridgefield, CT.  This means we’re never far away with one of our trucks or tractors.   We focus on Route Density Principle.  This means, we encourage our current customers to refer us to their neighbors & friends (earning a $25 referral credit in the process).  It also keeps our trucks localized to their existing routes.  Simply put, we spend more time clearing snow from your property, and less time driving around in circles.   Other contractors cover multiple towns and just can’t be everywhere at once!

Our Software makes it easy.  Automatic Billing is done after each storm to keep you up to date on our service history.  Each client has a customer portal to make requests or see invoices.


“Matt and his crews have always made sure our driveway is passable after each storm!”
— Sandra T

Our Services

Excellence in Snow Removal in Ridgefield, CT

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Snow Plowing 

We run multiple trucks and have our own backup equipment to keep down-time to a minimum


Did you know, we have the only tractor servicing Ridgefield, CT.    It has both a plow and an 8′ Snowblower for those tricky driveways!!

De-icing Services

We run MagicSalt™ to provide the absolute best in de-icing or sanding service.   Our customers love not having an icy driveway to reduce risk of property damage or a slip-and-fall.  


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